An Unbeatable Combination for Small Scars

Fade Away Dots are optimal for treating scars resulting from biopsy sites, small lacerations, liposuction surgery, and laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures. Used daily in combination with the Fade Away Liquid Silicone Roller to provide direct scar massage, Fade Away Dots will make already smalls scars almost invisible.

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How to Use Your Fade Away Nano Kit

Quick Start Guide

We’ll walk you through, step by step…

Your First Six Months of Scar Healing

Now that Silicone Sheeting is available without a prescription we want to give you an overview of what you’ll experience during the first six months after your scar is formed and a silicone protocol is used to help improve and diminish its appearance. If you know what to expect and what is normal for scar healing, then you are more likely to stick with the program. Everyone’s healing process is a little different so your experience may vary and that’s okay!


There are three Fade Away systems - select the one that is best for your lifestyle or scar size.

The Clinical System uses both proven modalities for scar treatment - scar massage and silicone sheeting. This system is great for someone who is able to commit to a 2-minute scar massage twice daily and then apply the sheeting afterwards.

The Plus System is for the person who simply wants to apply the sheeting and adhesive tabs and have a lower maintenance scar treatment protocol.

The Nano System is designed for scars that are under 0.75 inches.  Scar massage is recommended with the silicone roller twice a day with the sheet then placed over the scar.

You can use the product when the wound no longer is oozing and there are no open areas and scabs.  This is usually 2-3 weeks following surgery.

We suggest that you use the product for 6 months. Sheeting must be worn for at least 12 hours a day. We suggest scar massage with liquid silicone 2x per day as well.

Initial results can be seen as early as 4 weeks with full results visible after 6-12 months depending on the procedure. However, scars will naturally keeping remodeling and improving in appearance for up to 2 years. Results do vary because people heal at different rates. Some people may notice results sooner than 4 weeks and others may take longer to see results.

We suggest that you use the product for 6 months.  Therefore the amount of product you need will depend on the length of your scar.

Silicone Sheeting

We suggest that you use the following formula to determine how many boxes of sheeting you will need.

(72 inches/ length of scar ) x 4 (number of days for reuse of strip) = Number of days of treatment in the box.

We use 3-4 days as the average reuse period as we have found that most people like to use a new sheet at about 3-4 days. However, you can use the sheet for up to 7 days.

Stay Put Tabs

If you are using Stay Put each day and removing the sheeting each day to do a scar massage two times a day, then the Stay Puts will last for 30 days for that one scar.

Silicone Sheeting Dots

If you are using two dots a day because you are doing a scar massage, the product will last for 30 days. If you are only using 1 dot per day, then the product will last for 2 months.

Liquid Silicone Massage Roller

Assuming the recommended 2-minute massage is done two times per day, the product should last approximately 30 days.

Yes. Silicone sheeting does help flatten and improve the appearance of older scars. However, the sooner you use silicone after a scar is formed, the better the results will be.

100% Silicone Gel is used in our Silicone Products.

Dots only work on raised red scars that occur after a break out.  Although silicone sheeting may slightly improve the appearance of pitted scars, the product is intended for raised red acne scars. Please note that we are developing a product to help with pitted acne scars and it will be available to you in the near future.

Dots are ideal for the treatment of small liposuction scars, biopsy scars, laparoscopy scars, arthroscopy scars, as well as small cuts and abrasions.

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