Success Stories


Here our users tell their stories about how Fade Away worked for them.



Why Sara Tried Fade Away Scar Products

Of course, when I found out I had a cancerous lesion on my face, my first priority was getting it treated. After it was removed the scar on my face started to bother me. My sister, who is a nurse, suggested that I try this brand and also massage the scar.

What She Loves about Fade Away Scar Products

Even though the sheeting was almost impossible to see, I have a job where I am at events so I couldn’t always use it. Instead I made sure to have the liquid silicone on when I could not use the sheeting so I was still getting silicone treatment. I used the sheeting at night. I saw results within a few weeks and I am so happy that I found this product.

What She Wants You to Know About Fade Away Scar Products

Use the product combination that will work best for your lifestyle. I love how the products just have silicone gel without any other additives. The different formulations and the fact that everything is designed to ‘travel’ is great.



Why Jose Tried Fade Away Scar Products

The worst part about knee surgery was worrying about the scar. I felt too young to have an ugly wide scar on my knee. I would have tried anything to prevent one of those nasty scars from forming on my knee. I still think it’s crazy that playing college football resulted in surgery at such a young age. I’m grateful for these scar products.

What he likes about Fade Away Scar Products

Stay Put Tabs are great. They helped keep the sheeting in place on my knee. I used it at both ends and in the middle because the knee is always moving. I forgot that the sheeting was even there and sometime only remembered I was using it too late when in the shower - try remember you’re wearing it!

What He Wants You to Know About Fade Away Scar Products

Plan for scar management before the surgery. I think it worked so well for me because I planned to use it before I even had the procedure so it was part of the overall plan.



Why Nora Tried Fade Away Scar Products

I was having a cosmetic surgery procedure and even though I really wanted the procedure, I was really worried about the scar afterwards. I asked my surgeon what I could do to make the scar better. He recommended that I purchase Fade Away Scar Sheeting.

What She Loves About Fade Away Scar Products

I had a procedure on two areas of my body and I could use the same product on both surgical incisions because it is a custom fit product. It’s universal. It made the scar treatment process easier. It seems like the product was made with me in mind. The sheeting is clear and low profile so it is discrete and comfortable to wear- honestly I would often forget that I was wearing it.

What She Wants You to Know About Fade Away Scar Products

Scar treatment products only work if you use them consistently for at least a few months. It is really nice that there is a company that seems to make products with the patient’s lifestyle in mind. I found their system easy to use consistently.